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Fernand Mondego , a.k.a. General Fernand de Morcerf, is a minor, albeit important, antagonist in Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo.

He was a commoner who through his alleged military exploits (as well as influence by Prosecutor de Villefort and Baron Danglars) became a candidate for president. He is the "father" of Albert and the husband of Mercedes. In his younger days, he and Edmond were best friends, and he fell in love with Mercedes. When he realized Edmond and Mercedes loved each other, he became cruel and distant towards Edmond. He was formerly friends with Edmond until he and his two partners framed him and sent him to Chateau d'Ief.

He is one of the main objects of the Count's revenge. During a previous war he betrayed the Pasha, ultimately leading to the later man's death and Fernand's gain of his fortune.

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