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Peppo was one of the bandits in the beginning of the story who kidnapped Albert.

He later accepts employment as a maid in the Morcerf household.

Peppo falls in (unrequited) love with Albert but helps him rescue his ex-fiancee, Eugenie, from a marriage to the fake aristocrat Andrea Cavalcanti.


His personality is brusque and straightforward. He is honest to a fault. His bluntness is uncharacteristic of aristocratic diplomacy and often provokes offense. He tends to chastise those who deny uncomfortable truths and plays a consistent role as a personified "reality check."



Despite Peppo's appearance and demeanour (that of a female) he is a male. The Count confirms this when he saves Albert from the bandits.

Peppo says that Luigi Vampa is like a father to him. Hinting at a deeper relationship than boss and underling.

In episode 24, Peppo can be seen on billboards as a modelling a dress. This shows us his fate after the 5 year gap.

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