Viscount Albert de Morcerf(アルベール・ド・モルセール子爵 Arubēru Do Morusēru-shishaku, Le Vicomte Albert de Morcerf) is the son of Countess Mercedes de Morcerf and Fernand Mondego (Count de Morcerf) and is the main protagonist of Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo.

Role in the StoryEdit

Albert is a teenager whose life is ruined by the collatoral damage of the Count's revenge plans.

Five years after the events of the main series, he seems to have accepted his comrade's deaths and continued moving towards the future with the self-imposed duty of living on for the lives of Franz, Fernand, and the Count who were lost to the intrigues of the old world.


He has great respect for the Count, with a love bordering on obsession. He is naive and rash, but he holds onto his belief in the benign nature of the world around him.


  • Albert de Morcerf was originally not as much of a big character in the original Count of Monte Cristo story, only appearing about a hundred or so pages in. This is primarily because the Count of Monte Cristo was the main protagonist of the story, not Albert.